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Thérèse Martin aged 14


利雪的圣德兰出生在阿朗松,诺曼底,1月2日,1873年第4年为最幸福的她的生活。泰蕾兹·马丁有一个性格开朗之日起,她就诞生了。她长大了,她的金发,蓝眼睛,胖乎乎的脸蛋和深情的神态,她的每一个人倾倒谁见了她。她是勿庸置疑的家庭的宠物。她的父亲把她叫做他的“小皇后”。 “她是一个孩子谁喜悦我们所有的,”她的母亲说。

An architectural drawing of the Culloden


The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) holds the vast archive of the remarkable architectural and civil engineering practice of Young & Mackenzie of Belfast which thrived as a business for over a century from 1850 onwards and was responsible for the design of many well-known structures across 北爱尔兰 (and occasionally beyond). Its building designs from the 嗨gh Victorian and Edwardian eras are particularly notable - in Belfast, think of Robinson & Cleaver's; the 苏格兰的 Provident Buildings; Anderson & McAuley; the Presbyterian Assembly Buildings; Belfast Royal Academy, and across Ulster, any number of Presbyterian churches, warehouses, schools, houses and villas - one of the most well-known now being the Culloden Hotel at Cultra.